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Collegiate Athletics Job Market: June 2024 By the Numbers

Discover the latest trends in collegiate athletics job postings for June 2024. Dive into detailed stats and insights on coaching and administration opportunities.

Intercollegiate’s extensive database features every job posting in collegiate athletics, and we’ve compiled a “by the numbers” report to showcase trends from the month of June. Whether you’re a coach or an administrator, understanding these trends can help you navigate your career path more effectively.

Job Postings Overview

Last month, we wrote about how May set records for most jobs posted in a month’s time so far this year. Well, June one-upped May and shattered every statistical category we track. June recorded the most job openings posted in one month, including setting the bar in both the coaching and administrative job categories. Let’s dive into the numbers.

3,734 jobs in collegiate athletics were posted this month:

  • 2,285  in coaching
  • 1,449 in administration


From here, we’ll break down which sports and admin categories had the most openings in the month of June.

Coaching Jobs Breakdown

Of the 2,285 job openings in coaching, football and women’s basketball posted the most positions across Division I, II, and III: 

  1. Football: 197 (+15 job postings from the month of May)
  2. Women’s Basketball: 186 (+13)
  3. Track & Field: 161 (+68)
  4. Softball: 154 (+50)
  5. Men’s Basketball: 143 (+17)
  6. Tennis: 136 (+71)
  7. Soccer: 135 (+20)
  8. Lacrosse: 126 (+24)
  9. Cross Country: 107 (+43)
  10. Baseball: 104 (+41)

While every spring sport recorded more job openings this month than the month prior, Track and Field coaching jobs had the largest leap with 68 more position openings this month than in May.

Administrative Jobs Breakdown

Of the 1,449 jobs posted administration, sports medicine posted the most jobs, followed by Facilities/Event Operations/Equipment:

  1. Sports Medicine: 383 (+37 job postings from the month of May)
  2. Facilities, Event Operations, and Equipment: 294 (+35)
  3. Marketing, Communications, Content Creation: 275 (+81)
  4. Student Services: 213 (+72)
  5. Development: 76 (+11)

The departmental category with the largest jump in job postings from last month was Student Services, which makes sense given the timing of the academic year concluding in May and the resulting transitions occurring in June.

Top Job by Salary

Intercollegiate hosts two unique features that allow us to share this data. Salary and pay details, when provided, are displayed on Intercollegiate’s site, allowing you to filter by compensation to help you find a job that meets your needs. Active and expired job posts remain visible, allowing you to see key data such as the last time a search was conducted for the respective job.

In the month of June, here were the highest-paying jobs of postings that listed a salary range:

  1. $450,000 – $500,000/yr: Director of Athletics: Santa Clara University
  2. $200,000 – $225,000/yr: Head Coach of Women’s Ice Hockey / Instructor of Physical Education: Colgate University
  3. $160,000 – $180,000/yr: Senior Director of Athletics Development/Senior Associate Director of Athletics: Fordham University


June 2024 was a record-breaking month for collegiate athletics job postings, with significant increases in both coaching and administrative positions. Understanding these trends can help job seekers in collegiate athletics strategically navigate the job market and identify the best opportunities for their career growth.

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How many job openings were posted in collegiate athletics in June 2024?

  • A total of 3,734 job openings were posted, with 2,285 in coaching and 1,449 in administration.


Which sport had the most coaching job postings in June 2024?

  • Football had the most coaching job postings with 197 openings.


What was the top departmental category for administrative job postings?


What were the highest-paying jobs in June 2024?


Where can I find the latest job postings in collegiate athletics?

  • Visit Intercollegiate to stay updated on the latest job openings and trends in collegiate athletics.