What’s included?

Hello World!

Welcome to the ultimate destination for scoring your next big career win in the world of collegiate athletics. If you’re like many passionate professionals in the field, you’re eager to make your mark but short on time. That’s where Intercollegiate comes in: it’s not just another job board, it’s your career-accelerating superpower.

Our Mission:
To connect you, a college athletics professional (or soon to be), with the best career opportunities in college sports.

What We Do:
At the heart of it, we’re software product makers. For 16 years and counting we’ve helped athletic directors make data-driven decisions with Win AD. Now we’re doing the same for job seekers.

We can’t make the best product without you — your feedback matters so much, especially as we get started on this journey of connecting college athletics coaches and administrators with the right next opportunity.

We’ve changed the landscape of collegiate athletics with software before, and we intend to do it again. With Intercollegiate, we’ll do whatever it takes to help you build a reward career.