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Intercollegiate’s Data Reveals the Week of June 2 Had the Most Collegiate Job Postings Thus Far in 2024

Discover why the week of June 2 saw the highest number of collegiate job postings in 2024. Analyze trends and find out what drove the job market surge.

Intercollegiate showcases every job posting from every school in college athletics. The depth of this tool allows us – and only us – to pinpoint unique trends in the job market. It helps us compile data like we shared last week, which proved that May was the busiest month of the calendar year in the job market

Similarly, we found an interesting trend that’s worth a note and consideration: 1,058 jobs were posted the week of June 2, which far exceeds any other week thus far in the calendar year! 

Here’s how last week compares to the top-performing weeks of the calendar year: 

  1. 1,058 jobs: week of June 2
  2. 993 jobs : week of March 10
  3. 898: week of May 12
  4. 874: week of May 19


From here, we’ll break down the job openings and discuss why we think the boom occurred.

Job Postings Overview

Of the 1,058 jobs posted across D-I, D-II, and D-III athletic programs, here’s the breakdown between coaching jobs and administrative positions:

Coaching Jobs Breakdown

It’s a great time to be in the market for a coaching job: 651 were posted lat week, which is far more than any other week this year. In fact, it’s nearly double the average of weekly coaching openings, which stands at 334 jobs openings per week.

Sports with the most openings the week of June 2:

  1. Football: 66
  2. Women’s Basketball: 51
  3. Men’s Basketball: 48
  4. Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Tennis: each with 35

Administrative Jobs Breakdown

With 407 administrative job openings, the market hasn’t seen as many job postings in one week’s time for nearly three months:

  1. 447 jobs: week of March 10
  2. 408 jobs: week of April 14
  3. 407 jobs: week of June 2

The average amount of job postings per week for administrative roles is 310. 


Of departmental categories, the most jobs were posted in: 

  1. Sports Medicine: 128
  2. Marketing, Communications, Content Creation: 74
  3. Facilities, Event Operations, Equipment: 74
  4. Student Services: 49

Understanding the Timing

So, why June? Here are a few reasons why we think the job market has begun to surge.

Spring sports are coming to a close, which certainly plays a role in the hiring cycle. With softball ending last week and baseball coming to a close, the summer cycle is fully underway. 

Budgets for the following fiscal year are being finalized for many programs, allowing administrators to publish jobs with confidence in their budgets for the following fiscal year. For many schools, budget approvals for the following year are confirmed after incoming freshman classes are confirmed and board of trustees meetings conclude. 

The 2024 National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) takes place June 9-12, as thousands of college athletics professionals gather in Las Vegas for professional development and networking opportunities. Seen as a prime place to recruit top talent, it is no coincidence that a surge in jobs times out with NACDA.


The week of June 2 marked a significant peak in the collegiate athletics job market for 2024. With 1,058 job postings, the surge is influenced by the end of spring sports, fiscal year budgeting, and major industry events like the NACDA conference. Staying informed about these trends can give job seekers a strategic advantage in their search.

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Why did the week of June 2 see the highest number of job postings in 2024?

  • The increase is due to the conclusion of spring sports, finalized fiscal year budgets, and the NACDA conference, which drives recruitment efforts.

How can I use this data to my advantage in my job search?

  • Understanding these trends can help you anticipate job market surges and prepare your applications accordingly.

What types of jobs saw the most postings in early June?

  • Coaching positions, particularly in football and basketball, and administrative roles in sports medicine and marketing saw the most postings.
  • Where can I find the latest job postings and trends in collegiate athletics?
    • Visit Intercollegiate to stay updated on the latest job openings and market trends in collegiate athletics.