What’s included?

Every Detail Matters: Five Features to Help Your Job Search in Collegiate Athletics

You won’t miss a thing with Intercollegiate. From compensation to who you’ll work with, we provide all the details upfront to help you make informed decisions.

Here is an overview of some details that we provide to give you a deeper understanding of the available jobs in the collegiate athletics industry:

  • Compensation is prominently showcased (if available) 
  • 25-word job summary 
  • Search filters
  • Insight on collaborators
  • Save (bookmark) the job
Each is explained below.

Compensation is prominently showcased

Each listing includes vital job information and compensation details to guide your expectations. This is particularly helpful for narrowing your search if you have set your ideal salary requirements or goals. If the respective job post lists the expected compensation, it will be showcased on Intercollegiate.

Tip: You can also filter your search by minimum salary to fine-tune the results.

25-word job summary

Get a quick snapshot of each position with a concise 25-word summary, making your job search faster and more efficient. When searching through large quantities of jobs, it’s incredibly helpful to have an overview listed up front for sake of comparison and understanding.

Tip: Utilize key words from the summary in your application materials. If you have relatable experience to the key duties of the respective job, make sure the recruiter sees that up front.

Search filters

Click on any tag to narrow your search filter and find the jobs that match your expertise. Perfectly customizing search results that fit your needs is a feature we’ve prioritized.

A few of the signature filters include:

  • Sport
  • Department
  • State
  • Division
  • Conference
  • School
  • Salary
  • Job Level

Insight on collaborators

Gain insights into the team and key players you’ll collaborate with in your potential new role. Every job listing is accompanied by the details of the respective position’s department, complete with names, photos, and job titles.

This allows you to get a feel for the team’s size, depth, and support at the click of a button.

Save (bookmark) the job

Easily bookmark jobs that catch your interest, allowing for a streamlined review process once you’re ready. As you’re browsing search results, the bookmark button allows you to save quickly and scroll on, ensuring that you can come back to a folder curated by you.

Tip: We mark jobs as “expired” in real time, so you can be sure that when you resume your review of jobs you’ve saved you’re not wasting your time on jobs that have been filled. 

We’re continually adding features to make Intercollegiate an even more powerful resource to help you boost your career in collegiate athletics. Head over to the “find jobs” tab to begin your search today.