What’s included?

Step Inside the Role: Explore the People and History for Each Job

Ever wondered who you’d be working with or the legacy of the team? Our job pages offer a clear view into various teams, departments, and their histories so you can connect with your future role on a deeper level. 

Understanding your future workplace’s dynamics and history can significantly enhance your job satisfaction and career trajectory. Use Intercollegiate to its potential with the following features in mind.

See Related Departments & Teams

Visualize potential career paths by exploring related departments and teams directly linked to each job post. The interconnected view allows you to plan your career path more strategically, understanding where you can grow and how various departments collaborate.

Department & Team History

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the department’s evolution and team dynamics to see where you could fit in. Each job page includes a detailed history of the department, which helps you appreciate their culture and long-term goals.

Whether it’s a team that has recently flourished or one with a long-standing tradition of excellence, knowing this history can help you determine if it’s the right fit for you.

Apply on School Website

Apply directly on the school’s website, ensuring your application is timely and direct. We streamline the application process by providing direct links to the school’s application portal. This not only saves you time but also ensures that your application reaches the right people without any delay.


  • How can I explore related departments and teams?
    • You can navigate through links provided on each job post that lead to related departments and teams, helping you visualize your career path.
  • Why is understanding the department’s history important?
    • It helps you align your career goals with the department’s trajectory and culture, ensuring a better fit and long-term satisfaction.
  • How do I apply for a job?
    • You can apply directly through the school’s website via the links provided on our job pages, ensuring your application is timely and reaches the appropriate channels.

Exploring the people and history behind each job role can profoundly impact your career choices and satisfaction. By utilizing our comprehensive job pages, you gain valuable insights into the dynamics of potential workplaces, visualize your career path, and apply seamlessly through direct links. 

Start your journey with a deeper understanding and a strategic approach to your career in college athletics.